My wife, Corrie, has become Charm the Kangaroo!

Have you heard your kids say “I can’t?” I always wonderi where they get those words from. I have two children, ages five and seven and it amazes me how many times I hear those words: “But Dad, I can’t do it.” I’m always reminding them, “Yes, you can. You just have to try.”

One of my favorite parts of writing is creating the message behind my story. The reason I wrote, The X-tails BMX at Thunder Track, was because of the message: Saying “I can” instead of “I can’t.” The story revolves around Charm the Kangaroo. As she’s practicing for the upcoming Thunder Track BMX race, she falls and breaks her arm. With an injury, the following weeks are tough for Charm, who has to watch her friends practice without her. Luckily, she has her cast removed in time to race at Thunder Track, but Charm doesn’t think she can do it. As the story goes on, Cham faces her fear with the words, “I can do it. I can do it!”  At the end, Charm understands that yes, she can do it as long as she tries—also learning that it’s about having fun and doing your best.

I have to L.A. Fielding and familylaugh at the irony of my book. My wife, Corrie, has become Charm the Kangaroo. A couple of weeks ago, she fell during a BMX race and fractured her elbow. She now has to sit on the sidelines and cheer us on.

Not participating because of an injury is tough for anyone, and it’s especially hard for Corrie, who is very active. But we believe that it’s been a great example for our children. When you’re injured, you don’t get mad or sad—you have to stay positive and make the best out of the situation. When she’s healed up in a couple of months, Corrie will show our children that you get back on your bike and try again.


  1. Evelyn Strand says

    You and your family continue to inspire…. As my son said the other day about a situation people were saying ‘no can’t be done.” My son said give me a hammer and a can do attitude and I’ll do it!!
    Go Corrie!