“The colourful X-tails books are packed with action and are packed with morals about friendship, sportsmanship, bullying and more. We can’t keep the library copies in for more than a few minutes.” – Joseph Jeffery, Learning Commons Teacher

“The best part is that each story has a lesson or moral behind them that the students can relate to and learn from.”  – Stacey Thompson, Elementary School Teacher

“Creative characters and great moral lessons make the X-tails world one that I would encourage any student to enter!” – Jana-Rae Kadonaga, Intermediate Online Teacher

“The X-tails books are colourful and action-packed and teach valuable lessons about friendship, good sportsmanship, perseverance and doing one’s best. Our copies are constantly in circulation.” – Maria Weisgarber, Teacher-Librarian

“What I really enjoyed about these books are that the characters are personable and likable. You can really relate to their feelings and experiences.” – Lisa Marie, Book Reviewer, The Canadian Homeschooler




The fresh illustrations and zoober-awesome story telling showcase vibrant personalities and stories that will be enjoyed by children of all ages . . . and adults who are kids at heart too!


Best Friends

The world of the X-tails joins 6 best friends on their search for fun that takes them on many wild and extreme adventures for you and your family.


Amazing Titles

This energetic and fresh series has now released its eighth book. Plus, many more exciting stories will follow . . . and it’s only the beginning of the X-tails!

image title

The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park

Available now! Theme: Believing in yourself

image title

The X-tails Skateboard at Monster Ramp

Available now! Theme: Sharing

image title

The X-tails Ski at Spider Ridge

Available now! Theme: Inclusion and different abilities

image title

The X-tails BMX at Thunder Track

Available now! Theme: Sportsmanship and saying "I can" instead of "I can't"

image title

The X-tails Surf at Shark Bay

Available now! Theme: Bullying

image title

The X-tails Travel to the Jamboree Jam

The first board book in the series is available now! Theme: Friendship, rhyming and learning colours

image title

The X-tails Dirt Bike at Badlands

Available now! Theme: Respecting the environment

image title

The X-tails in a Merry Monster Trucking Christmas

Available now! Theme: Generosity

image title

The X-tails Mountain Bike at Rattlesnake Mountain

Written and waiting to be published!

image title

The X-tails Heli-Ski at Blue Paw Mountain

Written and waiting to be published!

Meet the X-tails

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Fall in love with Wisdom the Lion and his zany, adorable friends in The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park, The X-tails Skateboard at Monster Ramp, The X-tails Ski at Spider Ridge, The X-tails BMX at Thunder Track, The X-tails Surf at Shark Bay, The X-tails Travel to the Jamboree Jam, The X-tails Dirt Bike at Badlands, and The X-tails in a Merry Monster Trucking Christmas. These action-packed stories will be sure to tickle every child's funny bone. And parents will appreciate the positive themes: believing in yourself, sharing, sportsmanship, saying "I can" instead of "I can't", inclusion, bullying, respecting the environment, friendship, and generosity. This series is ideal for all ages. All eight books are now available!

Across All Devices

This series is available for Kindle and Kobo, making it easy to join the X-tails on all of your mobile and electronic devices. Start the story in one room and finish it in another! And for those without an electronic device, don't sweat it! Our stories are available in hardcover and softcover printed books!

Available as iPad eBooks

The lively and colorful illustrations will jump off the screen for your family as you read the books on the iPad and other Apple devices, making for great entertainment on long road trips, out at the cabin or sitting around the fire for family story time.

“Ooh, love this…it is so sparky and alive!” – Tish, Librarian

“Fun, lively narrative.”

“Very good morals, readable to 3-4 year olds.” – Lisa, Early Childhood Educator

“They jump off the page!”

“Gets kids excited about being outside and doing a positive physical activity, and very interactive” – Natalie, Librarian

“Informative in ways kids want to know about, like what those tricks are called (specifically). A brilliant show by a passionate positive author” – Jennifer the Adventurer