Inspiring children to read, be active and play outdoors

I dreamed up the X-tails for my two children, Colton and Dylann, based on my love for sports, playing outdoors and reading books. When a child or parent reads my books, they will see that the illustrations make the story jump off the page; for that, I thank the amazing, award winning illustrator, Victor Guiza.

It is my wish that these stories bring your family the same warmth and happiness that they do for my family.

— L.A. Fielding

Meet the X-tails

Across All Devices

This series is available on Kindle, making it easy to join the X-tails on all of your mobile and electronic devices. Start the story in one room and finish it in another! And for those without an electronic device, don't sweat it! Our stories are available in hardcover and softcover printed books!


“Awesome books! Kids love this series! Each book is full of colourful and imaginative characters that set a great example. As a parent, what appeals to me the most is that there are always lessons to be learned and a moral shared. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!” – Karin Leggatt

“My whole family loves these books! We have a huge variety of them. Creative and fun!”– Mandy Paavola Mua

“I have been reading his books to my own children since the release of his first book and we have loved the characters and the lessons behind each story. Creative characters and great moral lessons make the X-tails world one that I would encourage any student to enter!” – Jana-Rae Kadonaga, Intermediate Online Teacher

“Gets kids excited about being outside and doing a positive physical activity, and very interactive.” – Natalie, Librarian

“My grade 2/3 class loves these books!! All of the X-tails books have a great moral behind them like including others, keeping the earth clean and standing up to bullying. The pictures are very colourful and the characters each have their own personalities, which kids can relate to.” – Maria Weisgarber, Teacher-Librarian

“My husband and I like them because there is a lesson about friendship and acceptance. My boys love them!” –Toni Boer

“My 10 year old has never really liked to read. His nightly homework of 20-30 minutes of reading wasn’t much fun until we discovered the X-tails! (Thanks to his librarian at school, Mr. K) Now we find him curled up reading and he’s even requesting more X-tails on his Christmas list.” – Tracie Mayert

“My grandkids LOVE their books!” – Nancy McLelan