About the Author

Fielding-FamilyI dreamed up the X-tails for my two children, Colton and Dylann, while telling stories on our long drive to go snowboarding each winter weekend.

It was my wife, Corrie, who convinced me to put pen to paper.  I draw my inspiration from our cozy log home in Prince George, British Columbia, and our Fielding Shred Shack at Powder King.  Growing up skateboarding, biking, and snowboarding, I now share the fun of those sports with my family.  I’m a member of the Canadian Authors Association, and when I’m not writing or telling stories, I focus my thoughts on forestry as a Registered Professional Forester.

These stories would only be a dream if it weren’t for the many friends and family who helped along the way.  The encouragement has been invaluable.  When a child or parent reads my books, they will see that the illustrations make the story jump off the page; for that, I thank the amazing illustrator, Victor Guiza.

It is my wish that these stories bring your family the same warmth and happiness that they do for my family.

                                                                                                                       — L.A. Fielding


author L.A. Fielding - the x-tails children's series