About the Author


I dreamed up the X-tails for my two children, Colton and Dylann, based on my love for sports and playing outdoors. It was my wife, Corrie, who convinced me to put pen to paper. I aimed to create modern books that inspired kids to read, be active and play outside. I also wanted to sneak in positive themes for those unsuspecting kids—cool books with morals, who would have thought? And it worked! I’m getting amazing feedback and growing a strong fan base.

When a child or parent reads my books, they will see that the illustrations make the story jump off the page; for that, I thank the amazing, award winning illustrator, Victor Guiza.

I draw my inspiration from our cozy log home in Prince George, British Columbia, and our Fielding Shred Shack at our local ski hill. I’m a member of the Canadian Authors Association, and when I’m not writing or telling stories, I focus my thoughts on forestry as a Registered Professional Forester.

It is my wish that these stories bring your family the same warmth and happiness that they do for my family.

— L.A. Fielding


author L.A. Fielding - the x-tails children's series