Here are just a few of the comments we received about the X-tails books:

“My son is crazy about these books! We only have two of them and he has made me read them every morning, every afternoon and every evening since we brought them home. He loves the characters and the stories. Can’t wait to buy him the rest of your collection for his birthday!! Well done.” – Daniella Pacifico

“I received the Jamboree Jam book for my son’s first birthday and absolutely love the story. The pictures are perfectly colourful for his little mind! The autograph inside the cover makes it a special book to pass down.” -Tonya B

“We love these books! They have sports that our kids love and a positive message. Highly recommend for any family to own!” – Amara Filan

“The colourful X-tails books are packed with action and are packed with morals about friendship, sportsmanship, bullying and more. We can’t keep the library copies in for more than a few minutes.” – Joseph Jeffery, Learning Commons Teacher

“My son loves your books! You have made the boys night time story time a hit tonight and a big thank you for making reading fun for my son as reading is something he struggles with.” -Tamara P

“My whole family loves these books !!! We have a huge vary of them!!! Creative and fun!!” – Mandy Paavola Mua

“The X Tails series is awesome. Larry also does school visits, so make sure you book him into this school year!” – Andrea H. Brown, Teacher-Librarian

“As soon as I seen it I got excited!!! My kids love these books!!! Great addition to our bookshelf!!! Highly recommended!!!!!Check out all the other books too!!” – Amazon customer

“Awesome book! Kids love this series! Each book is full of colorful and imaginative characters that set a great example. As a parent, what appeals to me the most is that there are always lessons to be learned and a moral shared. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!” -Karin Leggatt

“My kiddo loves these books! Likeable, great examples to follow, love the art. My favorite is reading about the tricks at the end :)” – Heather

“My grade 2/3 class loves these books!! All of the Xtails books have a great moral behind them like including others, keeping the earth clean and standing up to bullying. The pictures are very colourful and the characters each have their own personalities which kids can relate to. I really like how each story involves extreme sports which helps to get kids interested in the stories. A must have for every elementary school/class library.” – Amazon customer

“My 5 year old loves this book and I enjoy reading it to him. Finally a kids books written by an author who knows the sport and how to keep it real an exciting in a story kids. There is just the right amount of humor and a great lesson to be learned about compassion and sympathy. I’m stoked the next book with the X-Tails skateboarding is available. Can’t wait to surprise my kids with it soon.” – W.E.

“A book about adventure.. . the outdoors…fun and friends… I would say this is a great book for children in elementary school. Incredible characters and it will get your little one away from all the video games..and t.v.” – Evelyn Strand

“Best characters and stories ever! I can’t wait for them to hit the BIG SCREEN!” – Lynda Foreman, Kinesiologist

“We have been big fans of the X-tails for a couple years now. My son (4 years) loves these books so much I need to buy another shred park because he sleeps with it and the pages get torn.” – Lacey Hall-Cleave

 “My husband and I like them because there is a lesson about friendship and acceptance. My boys love them!” -Toni Boer

“My 10 year old has never really liked to read. His nightly homework of 20-30 minutes of reading wasn’t much fun until we discovered the X-tails! (Thanks to his librarian at school Mr. K)  Now we find him curled up reading and he’s even requesting more X-tails on his Christmas list.” -Tracie Mayert

“Awesome books!” – Maxine DuBois

“There are 5 books so far in the series and are excellent. The messages they send kids is a good, clear and positive message. Great presents for your kids or grandkids.” – Ian K.

“Jakob now plays X-tails at night time. Him and I pick our favourite characters and go on all sorts of adventures together.  thanks for the inspiration!” – Katie Marren 

“The X-Tails books are colourful and action-packed and teach valuable lessons about friendship, good sportsmanship, perseverance and doing one’s best.  Our copies are constantly in circulation.” – Maria Weisgarber, Teacher-Librarian

“My son got one of the books at a birthday party last weekend and he loves it.” – Chelsy Schwartz

“They are great stories!” – Sherry Musika 

“Awesome! I sent one to my nephew in Calgary and it’s his favourite book so I’ve bought the other 3 for him for Christmas.” – Robyn Beauregard 

“My 11 year old son can’t wait to get his eyes on the 2nd book! This is so exciting for me because it is a constant struggle to find books that he is interested in! Thanks!!” – Tanya Mitchell-Soles 

“Have purchased a few of the X-Tails books and I read them to my grandsons and they love them. Always such a great message in the storyline” – Amazon customer

“Love the signed book, just finished taking turns reading it with my seven yr old Gregg. He loves his toque, wearing it to school tomorrow. The story and lessons were amazing, he is super pumped to get his season pass for Tabor Mountain Ski Resort and learn to snow board, THANKS a million!! Looking forward to the next book, boys reading is so important!” – Marlayne Broster

“I gave this book to my Godson and he absolutely LOVED it!! I can’t wait to get all the others for him.” – Amazon customer

“These books are great!! We buy them for Christmas for our kids every year.” – Judy Wiebe

“Love these!” – Jennifer Yarmish 

“My grandkids LOVE their books!!!” – Nancy McLelan

“Incredible books!” – Sherri Bickerton

“The X-Tails books are an amazing series about a group of animals that do extreme sports, this helps to get the students attention right away.  The illustrations are of fun, likable characters that are full of colour.  The best part is that each story has a lesson or moral behind them that the students can relate to and learn from.” – Stacey Thompson, Elementary School Teacher

“I have been reading his books to my own children since the release of his first book and we have loved the characters and the lessons behind each story. Creative characters and great moral lessons make the X-tails world one that I would encourage any student to enter!” – Jana-Rae Kadonaga, Intermediate Online Teacher

“Action. Adventure. Extreme sports. Lessons in perseverance, inclusion, how to combat bullying, and more. This is what the X-Tails book series is all about. I had the opportunity to check out 3 of the books from the series, written by B.C. author, L.A. Fielding. They are full colour, oversized picture books with lots of words and action. What I really enjoyed about these books are that the characters are personable and likable. You can really relate to their feelings and experiences. For example, in one of the books – the kangaroo breaks her arm and is really sad because now she can’t ride her bike while it heals. I think any kid who has broken their arm and can’t do their favourite activities can totally relate to her feelings. I appreciate, too, that each book touches on safety. Since the characters are heading into very extreme activities, it’s encouraging to see them putting on their safety gear like helmets and life jackets. Seeing their character role-models doing the same things they are told are important kind of adds an extra sense of importance and normality for kids.”  – Lisa Marie, Book Reviewer, The Canadian Homeschooler

“Ayanna has the first couple of these books, amazing and written right here in Prince George, BC.” – Penelope Neudorf

“I would highly recommend booking an author visit with Larry Fielding.  He has taken two of his passions: sports and writing, and created a great children’s book series.  Many kids later told to me that they really connected and identified with one of the six unique X-Tails characters.” – Michelle Labonte, Teacher-Librarian