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The X-tails Book Fundraiser is a Canada-wide fundraising program. We help children become better readers and develop a lifelong love for books.

What percentage of funds raised from other fundraisers does your school or community organization get to keep? 5%? 10%?

Fundraising with the X-tails allows you to keep 40% of the total fundraising sales.

And the best part? We make it EASY and FUN to run this fundraiser!

The Best Fundraiser Ever

Parents and families are burnt out with the typical fundraisers. Selling Poinsettias at Christmas, chocolates at Easter, and cookie dough in the autumn has been done. Over and over again.

Parents, grandparents, and families want to support their children, and your school or community group, so give them a fundraiser to get excited about!

Each of the X-tails books is full of action, is funny, and has a positive message. With themes like inclusion, sportsmanship, and bullying, the X-tails books continue to grow in popularity with kids and families.

It’s easy for people to GIVE when they’re buying something that their children, or grandchildren, will benefit from.

Fundraising Guide - best elementary fundraiser

How It Works

  1. Designate a Fundraising Program Organizer – one person responsible for distributing and gathering order forms.
  2. Fundraising Program Organizer downloads online order form and customizes form, photocopies, and distributes to all students and/or participants.
  3. We give you tools to help maximize your fundraising efforts – you can download the fundraising guide here.
  4. Parents and families complete order form and return to school or community organization along with payment.
  5. Fundraising Program Organizer keeps funds submitted and mails orders forms to X-tails headquarters.
  6. Fundraising Program Organizer will receive an invoice from the X-tails for total minus 40% (your school or community organization keeps the 40%).
  7. Fundraising Program Organizer submits payment to X-tails.
  8. Order is shipped to school or community organization within 2 weeks. Each order is packaged in its own envelope with the student or community group member’s name on it.
  9. Fundraising Program Organizer (and volunteers) distributes orders.