My first interview

What an exciting day! My first interview ever for the X-tails!

I was so nervous the day Christine Hinzmann contacted me and asked to do an interview with me on my book The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park. The following newspaper article was released on November 1st, 2013, in the Prince George Citizen, and marks my first interview about the X-tails! It was super exciting, or I should say, it was zoober-exciting!

The reporter, Christine, captured the essence of the X-tails.  I think she did a great job!  I definitely said a lot in those twenty minutes of the interview.  Of course, not everything I said made it in the article.  I see that my comments towards the illustrations, and the great work of Victor Guiza did not get printed; maybe it’s because the illustrations speak for themselves!! I do know that it was the illustrations on the X-tails website that caught Christine’s attention and led to the interview.  I also thanked my family, friends, and all of the great people that have supported us!

I’m looking forward to future interviews to help get the word out there!  Here is the article:


New author Fielding books for sports-minded children


L.A. Fielding family photo   Here’s one way to inspire reading for those adventurous young children. Local author Larry Fielding and his family spend many hours travelling to and from Prince George to his family’s cabin at Powder King each winter weekend.
Two years ago, little Colton, then two, would beg a story from dad to make the drive go by faster.
Soon Fielding developed six animated animal characters and storylines offering up tall tales – X-tails, that is, about action sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, heli-skiing, BMXing and mountain biking.
The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park is the first book with five more being released later. All books are geared for the three- to 10-year-old crowd.
Fielding, who is a professional forester, said it was his wife Corrie’s idea to put pen to paper. “We first developed the characters a little more and landed on six characters we call the Xtails and then it took months and months of writing and I completed six stories,” said Fielding, whose pen name is L.A. Fielding. “And here we are today.”
The “mane” character is Wisdom the Lion, who is the natural leader and the smart and responsible one. They drive around in the X-Van, which is a four-by-four all-terrain type vehicle and Wisdom is always the driver.
Flight is the rocker gorilla. Mischief the Wolf is the sneak, who is always up for pranks and jokes. Crash the Hippo is silly and goofy. Dazzle the Bear is a tomboy at heart and the boys have trouble keeping up with her. And then there’s Charm the Kangaroo, who is very bubbly and loves the spotlight.
“When I developed these characters, I thought it was important to have a couple of female characters because there’s not a lot of females in these sports,” said Fielding.
“I thought it was important for these books to appeal to both boys and girls. I’ve written these characters to be role models.”
Fielding said it’s only been in recent history that people have acknowledged these sports as legitimate and the people who do them as athletes.
“I know there’s a lot of parents like me that did these sports when they were young and now they have their own kids that they’re bringing into the sports as well,” said Fielding.
Fielding chose the X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park as the first to be released because it has such a strong message.
“It’s about believing in yourself and understanding that we’re all special in our own way,” said Fielding.
Next up is The X-tails Skateboard at Monster Ramp, which will be released in summer of 2014.  Each story in the series has a modern twist and is written for today’s parents and children, said Fielding.
“The series is about six best friends who are always searching for the ultimate adventure,” he added.
“When I write these stories the main goal is for the story to be fun to read. They’re fast-paced and funny and they’re energized by these exciting characters. The stories always promote safety and being active.”
For the short term, Fielding wants to start with book signings, enter writing contests and is hoping to offer school visits. His long-term goals include wishing the books will morph into something more. “I’m hoping one day they will be a household name,” said Fielding. “There will be a cartoon, toys, clothing – we’re already offering clothing on the website – so I have a big vision for The X-tails.”
To check out the series visit with links to Amazon, where people can order hard- and soft-cover versions. A digital ebook is also available at the Apple iBooks store.
Local book stores will carry the books and locations will be listed at TheXtails.
For local residents who would like autographed copies and stickers, e-mail Fielding directly at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.