Snowboard at Shred Park

The X-tails Snowboard at Shred Park
Crash the HippoThe X-tails in hailPride sadPride-with-bubble360Pride-hugging-everyonePride-on-Snoawboard-magazine


The X-tails help Pride realize that he’s not only lucky to be an elephant, but he’s special in his own way.


In this thrilling story, the X-tails are busy slashing, spinning, and soaring on their snowboards when something unexpected happens. They meet Pride—a mysterious elephant who believes he doesn’t fit in as a snowboarder because of his size.


How will Wisdom and the rest of the X-tails convince Pride that there is something special in everyone, especially when one of the X-tails is not so eager to make a new friend?


Theme: Believe in Yourself


• ages 3-10 • softcover book • 8.5 in x 11 in • 40 pages • 2013



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