Merry Monster Trucking Christmas

The X-tails in a Merry Monster Trucking Christmas
Merry Monster Trucking Christmassanta-sitting-on-the-side-of-the-raodpicking-up-presentssanta-handing-out-lsitcrash-tangledsanta-calling-his-reindearsanta-in-air-with-his-reindeer


The X-tails gang is back in their first ever Christmas story!

It’s a smashing good time at the X-ville Christmas Eve Masher—the only monster truck show in the snow. After pancaking the last car, the X-tails are on their way home when they spot something amazing. Sitting on the side of the road, looking not-so-jolly, is Santa Claws! His reindeer have escaped, and after a crash landing, his sleigh is a twisted wreck. Even worse, Christmas morning is just hours away and the town of X-ville is without presents.


Wisdom the lion and his friends have a plan. After turning the broken sleigh into a zoober-supreme delivery machine, they’re ready to help Santa deliver presents. Hopping into their monster trucks, they quickly learn it’s not easy being Santa’s helpers—especially when they’re missing a present for a little rabbit named Leap. This magical night gets even more exciting when Santa tries to catch his rascally reindeer! It’s a monster trucking adventure for the X-tails, but will they learn what the spirit of Christmas is all about?


THEME: Generosity


• ages 2-10 • softcover book • 8.5 in x 11 in • 32 pages • 2017




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