A great review is the best thing ever!

Hearing a positive review about how my X-tails stories and characters relate to children is the most amazing gift to me as a writer and creator.

I just received this amazing review for the X-tails and it’s about one of my favourite books, The X-tails BMX at Thunder Track. Thank you so much, Sherri, for taking the time and sharing these great words with me!

“This past November I was attending the Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver and was looking for something new and exciting to purchase for my five year old son. What I happened upon were the wonderful characters brought to life in the X-Tail books written by L.A. Fielding. The characters are both fun and relatable. The books themes of inclusion, working together, friendship, bullying and much more are lesson all children come upon daily. Each book has the characters up to some new active adventure and take us along on the ride!

One of my son’s favourites is “Thunder Track”. In this book Charm and the rest of the gang are entering a BMX race but while practicing Charm has a crash. She heals in time to enter but she has lost her nerve and thinks she can’t do it. Her friend, Wisdom, encourages her…”Yes. You can! You just have to try!” With the encouragement of her friends she enters the race and soon finds there was no reason to worry.

I think this book would help other children learn that trying something again after a fall can be scary, but by believing in ourselves and having that support to just try can make all the difference. Through reading these books my son and I have discussed the lessons and morals of the stories and how they relate to situations he has experienced. I love that he see’s how the characters responded to the situations and feels empowered to do the same.

Love these books! Keep up the good work.”- Sherri